Saxophone courses for adults

It is possible to start saxophone lessons for adults at any age!

I am often asked if it is not already too late to start with an instrument – absolutely not!

Everything can be learned: from tone and rhythm to note reading and improvisation. While progress might not be as swift as with children, if you are patient and have fun with music, you’ll still achieve the same results.

My focus is on making music together, where experience has shown that learning success and the joy of sticking with it increase, and that common musical difficulties can then be better overcome.

We start with one-to-one saxophone lessons in my Berlin classroom. As you advance, I might suggest trying out group lessons, joining a band, or participating in a saxophone quartet.

For this you will find various offers on my site.

I know from experience that most of my adult students have little or no time to practice in their daily lives.

This in itself is not a problem, even when playing only once a week (in saxophone lessons) you can still observe progress. But of course it is also true that one advances faster if there is more time for practicing.

Therefore, in the saxophone lessons I work on concrete goals, repeat frequently and lead exercises to overcome technical difficulties. I also play alongside and in front of the student, practicing together to make learning enjoyable and effective. 

Unlike lessons with children, it’s perfectly okay if you occasionally come to the lesson without having practiced beforehand.

If you’re up for regular practice, It’s better to play a bit every day for a short time rather than trying to do a lot all at once. This helps you improve more effectively.

As a starting instrument I find an alto or tenor saxophone the best, these two are also the most common. It is important to know that it is no problem to change to another saxophone after some time – the fingerings remain the same on all of them.

As far as the price is concerned, it is similar to a car – a cheap one will usually not run as well and sustainably as a more expensive one. For solid entry-level saxophones, I recommend brands like Yamaha, Prince, Jupiter…. with a price range between 500.- and 1200.-.

To start off, I suggest sticking with the beginner mouthpiece (like Yamaha 4C, max. 5C) until you’ve built a strong embouchure, muscle strength, and breathing foundation.

More open mouthpieces (professional mouthpieces), i.e. with larger courses, are worthwhile when the tone can be absolutely controlled. You can consider making this change after around 2 years or when you are comfortable controlling your breath. 

As teaching material I use books with playbacks, pieces with piano accompaniment, textbooks with good clear content as well as pieces brought by the students themselves.

If you are interested in group lessons or have questions to my offers, feel free to reach out to me at 0172/ 573 84 45 or 030/44 04 25 83 or you can email me at